Extra Info


Pet dogs don't like hot and spicy stuff. They aren't big fans of red pepper. You can benefit from this and mix equivalent parts of it with powdered mustard and freezing. Sprinkle it over your garden beds. When your animal aims to dig, its nose will burn from the spices. Remember that you have to do it again if it rains.

Stink up the Place

That's right, you need to make it smelly. Much like humans, pets don't like the strong scent of ammonia. You can make stink bomb with it. Simply pour it in coffee filters and place them on strategic spots around your flowers. Next time your pet tries to dig around them, it will run away with its tail in between its legs.


Do not let your pet outside in the garden alone. Go out with it and supply guidance. If it attempts to dig in your flowerbeds, you can stop it.

You can equip yourself with a spray bottle with cold water. Every time your animal chooses to go into the garden beds, you will spray it and state "No!” This is a checked approach and you can utilize it to train your canine.

Have fun with Your Dog

Run around, toss balls, you know, all that things that canine owners do to entertain their canine pals. Keep it hectic and your flowerbeds will thank you. Exhausted dog, happy flowers!